Saturday, May 31, 2008

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<humanerror> At any rate, even knowing that Fox News is lies doesn't
make you immune to it.
<humanerror> I know that the sexy lady on TV drinking a coke is only
doing it because they paid her to.
<humanerror> But the advertisement still works.
<humanerror> The defining characteristic of propaganda is that it
appeals to the emotions. It suberts, bypasses, or ignores reason and
goes straight for a conditioned or reflexive response.
<humanerror> The part of my brain that makes me look at the sexy lady
and then associates that with the coke logo has nothing to do with the
part of my brain that objectively decides what drinks are worth buying
and consuming. And when I go to the store, I have to bring both of those
parts of my brain along. They both get a say.
<humanerror> In the same way, when Fox News and MSNBC and CNN and the
lot create their TV personalities, even if you know that they're all
reading from scripts and that it's all crafted specifically to make them
sound good and win votes
<humanerror> You still get the image of "Grandpa war hero", "Articulate
black friend", "Strong women's rights supporter"
<humanerror> or "Guy I'd like to have a beer with"
<dipwood> articulate black friend
<humanerror> things that are meant to appeal to you (or repulse you)
without appealing to your reason or intellect at all.
<humanerror> and it works. even if you see it for what it is.
<dipwood> what the fuck are you talking about
<dipwood> shutup

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we are seeking a collective understanding


insane means we can't communicate with
can't share our experience of the world, or share in their experience

'moral sentiments' based on similarity of others' experiences to our own
we rejoice when they are similar.. when our experiences seem to converge

we're looking for a coherent and shared reality

Bush: Are you a servant, or an enemy?

Serve us, or face our wrath.
This goes for the US population as well